15 Amp High Performance Heating Element Upgrade 25 & 35lt Only


High Performance 15 Amp Heating Element Upgrade

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Note: The High Performance Heating Element Upgrade requires a 15 amp wall socket, the upgrade has a 15amp plug and does not plug into a standard domestic 10amp wall socket.

You must have a 15 amp wall socket at your location or have one installed by an electrician, see example image of 15amp wall plug that shows the difference. 

The element upgrade and 15amp plug is fitted to the unit when it is built, it is not a service part and does not come separately with the unit.

3000 Watt Electric Heating Element Upgrade. (Standard element 2300 watt)

7lt units – Not suitable, the upgrade does not fit 7lt units and would be far to powerful.

15lt units – The upgrade can be fitted to 15lt units however is not generally needed, the standard 10amp element is powerful enough for 15lt units unless an extremely fast heat up time is desired however the improvement is marginal.

25 & 35lt UnitsUp to 50% Faster heat up time from cold and better high range performance 80+ are easier achieved and maintained.

BeekeepersFor you the upgrade only offers a faster heat up time on start up from cold, because units for beekeepers generally run for longer periods at lower temperatures once up to temperature offers little benefit.

Electricity consumption – Although the element is larger than the standard element it doesn’t use much extra electricity to get up to temperature, because the unit runs for a shorter amount of time to get up to temperature.

Watts are per Kilowatt hour – Means the watts used for every hour of use, less run time means less watts per hour.

I highly recommend this upgrade on the l25&35lt units when purchasing your electric double boiler if faster heat up time or improved high range performance is desired.

Feel Free to Contact Rob Ph: 0409 165 003 if you would like to talk directly about this upgrade


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