High Performance 15 Amp Heating Element Upgrade – For 15, 25 & 35lt units only


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High Performance 15 Amp Heating Element Upgrade

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Suitable for 15, 25 & 35lt units only.

Note: The larger 15 amp plug is fitted with the large 3000 watt element, please ensure you have the 15amp wall plug as the unit will NOT plug into a standard domestic 10amp wall plug.

In the majority of applications the Beekeeping units do not require the element upgrade as they run for longer periods of time at lower temperatures, the element upgrade is for users who require a faster heat up time from cold, candle makers especially find this beneficial.

Heating Element UpgradeĀ 

Significantly improves the heat up time and improves higher temperature capability of the 25 & 35 litre double boilers, recommended for customers wanting faster heat up time or 85 -9o oC capability, add the upgrade to your purchase and your unit will come with the element fitted.

We highly recommend a thermal jacket also with this upgrade, the element drives the heat up, the thermal jacket helps hold it there, the jacket also makes the unit safer to touch.

Suitable for 15, 25 & 35lt units only

3000 Watt Electric Heating Element Upgrade.

Standard element 2300 watt

The larger element significantly improves heat up time.

Upgrade requires a circuit with 12.5 amp capability.

Combined with a thermal jacket the larger element provides the fastest heat up times available without using more electricity given the shorter run times and minimised heat loss achieved.

Cuts heat up time approximately in half of the standard element.

Feel Free to Contact Rob Ph: 0409 165 003 if you would like to talk directly about this upgrade.



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