About Us


My name is Rob Anderson and I make, source and modify the best components available, to build a range of unique melting equipment for hobbyist and small businesses. To my knowledge, I am the first and only professional maker in Australia to cater for that market.

AU Wax Melters came about a few years ago, when my wife wanted to make candles. My task was to source the equipment.  I was surprised when I couldn’t find anything in Australia, and International sellers, catered mostly for commercial use and were incredibly expensive, so I decided to build a unit.  My wife has yet to make a single candle, however the start of that unit started AU Wax Melters, and in 2014 became my full time occupation.

The units have changed significantly from that very first one, with many more ranges to choose from. Unit faults have been minimal and rare, due to the improvements in the manufacturing and final testing process.  Over the last few years I have obtained a lot more knowledge from customer feedback and I have now incorporated this knowledge into a Comprehensive Learners Guide, with user Instructions, provided with each unit, ensuring a better experience when in use.

My goal was to develop a user Friendly, Reliable and Affordable product, with features no other manufacturer offers.  This has been a challenge, but a great learning experience. I believe this current range delivers all this, and more.

The most common feedback I get from customers is “I should have done it sooner and the unit is a game changer” if used correctly, it will save many hours, produce quality and quantity, not possible with methods traditionally used by hobbyist and small businesses.

I’ve shipped many units to different countries, and have enjoyed the same Positive feedback I have received from my customers, here in Australia.

It is my personal mission to ensure AU Wax Melters is, and always will be, a recognised and trusted brand ensuring my customers can buy with Confidence.

AU Wax Melters are indeed, value for money, given the processes required to produce each unit, takes around 3-4 hours to build and test.  Electric Double Boilers may look simple, but actually require a lot of skill to prepare and assemble.  My designs are proven performers.

Unit faults are extremely rare, but most importantly, are all backed up by warranty here in Australia.

Please contact me prior to purchase, if you are unsure on the model that would best suit your Selection is about the appropriate tool for the job.


Au Wax Melters are extremely versatile and have a multitude of uses.

Au Wax Melters are an ideal solution for hobbyist and small business people,  as they bridge that gap from high cost commercial units, that may require expensive electrical upgrades.

AU Wax Melters are designed for use on a standard household power point, are AS/NZS 240V 10amp certified and comply with Australian electrical standards.

An AU Wax Melters will pay for itself quickly, in time saving alone, with volume and temperature control not possible with traditional methods.

AU Wax Melters come with detailed easy to follow instructions.

Feel free in contacting us directly, at any time, should you have any further questions.

AU Wax Melters is direct to the public manufacturer located in Pakenham, Victoria not a retail shop, customers are welcome to inspect or pick up by appointment please.

Thank you for taking the time to read about AU Wax Melters,  and feel free to email anytime or call between 8am & 6pm Monday to Saturday if you have any questions or would like advice on what model would best suit your needs.

Rob Anderson

Mbl: 0409 165003

Email: [email protected] – please include a phone number as some question may seem simple but are difficult to answer in writing.