DIY – Direct Heat Wax Melter Kit DHK


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DIY Direct Heat Wax Melter Kit – Kit: DHK

We have taken all the hassle and guess work out, if the instructions are followed and the steps are carried out by a suitably skilled person the kit will provide the outcome you need, save time, do it once and do it right.

This Kit is to convert popular brand cast aluminium Deep fryers used by hobby candle makers

Kit consists of:

1 x Quality custom brass pouring Tap, brass is better in this application than stainless steel.

1x Chrome nut

1 x Washer.

1 x Clip on product Thermometer.

1 x Cutting Tool – To drill large tap hole

  • This tool is the key to a successful modification, without this tool it is very easy to damage the fryer.

1 x Detailed DIY instructions.

Tools required:

2 x spanners cable of tighten 25mm nut and installing the tap. (shifters are ok)

5mm drill bit.


Note: modifying the fryer will void the manufacturer’s warranty and liability of that product.

The modification must be carried out be a person with the skill set to do so.