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Model: 7MD 


Model: 7MD  – 7 lt Digital Temperature Controlled Electric Double Boiler.

Digital Temperature Controllers make higher product temperatures achievable and provide precise temperature control, fast reaction and intelligent operation allows the water jacket to be maintained at as high as 100℃ without rapid boiling, the controller will learn and cycle the heating element automatically to maintain temperature, simply set the required temperature up to 100℃ and the controller will do the rest.

Hair Care – Deodorant – Lip Balms – Zinc Cream  – Cosmetics  – Wax Polishes & more.

Stainless Steel Product Tap.

3 sizes of product tap flow reducers ideal for filling a variety of container sizes.

Recommended for product temperature up to 95℃ – Read Design Capability below for higher temperatures.

An Electric Double Boiler is the single best investment any small business can make, electric double boilers will allow the user to do in few hours that likely previously took a few days, simple to maintain and use while producing a consistent and high quality product.

Note: If unsure of product suitability please contact us prior to purchase for recommendations and advice.

The M & MD models with their variety of  flow reducer options can dispense into a pouring jug or into small containers making them suited for lip balms and 60ml zinc containers for example.

There’s nothing better than an electric double boiler.


  • 7 litre internal product chamber.
  • 8 litre water jacket.
  • Overall dimensions: H42cm x W30cm.
  • Internal product chamber dimensions: H20cm x W22cm
  • Stainless Steel product tap and bridging pipe.
  • Brass water jacket drain tap.
  • Product tap height 20cm measured up from the unit’s base.
  • Bottom Internal tap sits approximately 1 cm from the chamber base on the inside of the product chamber.
  • Tilt Handle.
  • Top tap is the product tap, bottom tap is to empty the water jacket.
  • Water Jacket thermostat temperature range is 30-100℃
  • Cold start product to 85℃ in approximately 60 minutes.
  • Unit Power 240v/2300w – AS/NZS31122011 240V 10amp complies with Australian and New Zealand Electrical Standards.


  • Time Saving.
  • Digital Temeprature Control.
  • Detailed user instructions.
  • For use on a domestic 10amp power point with safety switch.
  • Clip on Chamber Thermometer to monitor product temperature.
  • Threaded tap elbow and flow reducers for a variety of product dispensing flow options – 6,7,10 & 16mm.

The threaded elbow allows reducers fitted to the elbow and provide a variety of dispensing flow options, if the intention is to make product such as cream that is quite viscos and sets quickly an electric heat gun is recommended to warm the tap body and elbow, this will improve flow and will stop any product setting in the tap extremities that are a distance from the heated water jacket.

The Basics

  1. Fill the water jacket with demineralised water – demineralised water is a low cost product that can be purchased at supermarkets and hardware stores for around $4 for 5 litres, once filled the water is left in the unit and topped up as required.
  2. Plug into a power outlet.
  3. Select desired temperature on the thermostat.
  4. Heat unit up to temperature.
  5. Add product and heat product to required temperature.
  6. Make Products.

Cosmetics, Zinc Creams, & high viscosity products etc: The unit is capable of making most products however not all can be dispensed through the product tap without some preparation, if you are making a high viscos product please contact us prior to purchase if you would like to discuss the suitability of the unit to the product you are making.

Design Capability

Water boils at 100℃, however it is not possible to achieve 100℃ product temperature with double boilers, the main reasons for this are ambient (room) temperature fighting to cool the unit body and heat loss from transference through the wall of the internal product chamber, for these reasons we recommend the units for products up to 90℃, it may be possible to achieve up to 95℃ if the unit body is insulated, the work area is not below 20℃ and extra heating time is added.

Double Boiling Method explained

An electric double boiler means the unit has a water jacket around the outside of the product chamber providing a much larger heating surface, the water jacket protects the product from high heat that is produced by the electric element when it’s heating, the water jacket thermostat controls the heating process, once heated up product is placed into the product chamber and the heated water in the jacket melts/heats/emulsifies/separates depending on the product being used from the base and the sides to the desired temperature.

The product tap passes through the water jacket and is surrounded by hot water heating it.

Product is stirred periodically to stabilise temperature before pouring.

Product temperature is maintained by the water jacket thermostat allowing the user to spend time preparing for the final product.

If you would like more information or have any questions feel free to email or call Rob directly on Ph: 0409 165 003.

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